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Aetna High Deductible Health Care Plans

PPO High Deductible 3000

Aetna offers a wide variety of high deductible health insurance plans for individuals and families in Arizona. Among these is their PPO High Deductible 3000 plan. As the name implies, this is a high deductible health insurance plan and it is HSA-compatible.

You can access real-time, online quotes for this plan, as well as all of the HSA-compatible, high deductible health plans offered by Aetna in Arizona.

Here is a summary of some of the key benefits:

Aetna – PPO High Deductible 3000:

- Annual Deductible Individual: $3,000 Family: $6,000
- Annual Out-Of-Pocket Limit Individual: $3,000 Family: $6,000
- Lifetime Maximum $5,000,000; In & Out of Network combined
- Office Visits No Charge after Deductible
- Prescription Drugs No Charge after Deductible $5,000 maximum benefit per year
- Maternity Care Not Covered

Here's how it works

With all HSA-compatible, high deductible health insurance plans the majority of the benefits do not go into effect until the deductible has been reached. The only exception to this is what is known as preventive care; this typically refers to an annual physical. However, it is important to note that although a member will be responsible for 100% of all other medical charges prior to meeting the deductible, they will receive Aetna’s contracted rate with all in-network providers. This alone can save the member a substantial amount of money.

With Aetna’s PPO High Deductible 3000 plan the annual deductible for an individual is ,000 and the annual deductible for a family (two or more) is ,000. For this health insurance plan the family deductible is an aggregate deductible. That is to say, if two or more people are on this insurance plan the deducible is a total of ,000 and can be reached by one member of the family alone or by all enrolled members combined. The individual deductible of ,000 is in effect only when just one person is enrolled in this health insurance plan.

The Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum (sometimes referred to as the Co-Pay Limit) refers to the amount of money a member or members would have to pay for approved, in-network benefits before the health insurance plan would cover 100% of all subsequent charges. These numbers are calculated on an annual basis and return to zero at the beginning of each calendar year.

With Aetna’s PPO High Deductible 3000 the Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum includes the deductible. Therefore, once the plan member or members have reached the deductible they have also reached their out-of-pocket maximum. At this point Aetna will continue to pay 100% of all approved, in-network charges until the end of the calendar year.

The Lifetime Maximum refers to the total amount of money the health insurance carrier will pay out over the life of the policy. With Aetna’s PPO High Deductible 3000 in Arizona the lifetime maximum is ,000,000.

For some of the other benefits listed in the brief summary above, such as Office Visits, Prescription Drugs and Hospitalization, there is no charge for approved, in-network services after the deductible has been reached.

It is important to note that Aetna’s PPO High Deductible 3000 does not cover maternity. If you would like to find HSA-compatible, high deductible health insurance plans in Arizona that do cover maternity then view our free online quotes for all of the details.

Once you have enrolled in Aetna’s PPO High Deductible 3000 plan you will be eligible to open a Health Savings Account, provided you do not have any additional health insurance plan that is not HSA-compatible.

Aetna’s insurance products are underwritten by Aetna Health, Inc. and/or Aetna Life Insurance Company.

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