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Kaiser Permanente California HSA Plans

California residents can choose from the following HSA-compatible, High Deductible Health Plans offered by Kaiser Permanente California.

To view the cost of these plans, simply complete the California health insurance quotes form and receive personalized, online quotes for HSA health insurance plans from Kaiser Permanente of California.


$0/$1,500 Deductible Single

$0/$2,700 Deductible Single

$30/$2,700 Deductible Single


$0/$1,500 Deductible Family

$0/$2,700 Deductible Family

$30/$2,700 Deductible Family

Began in 1945, Kaiser Permanente is the largest national nonprofit health plan serving nearly 8 million members in nine states. With headquarters in Oakland, California, Kaiser Permanente operates a network of over 30 medical centers and over 400 medical offices with nearly 14 thousand physicians and specialists.

Kaiser Permanente includes Kaiser Foundation Health Plans and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals both nonprofit, public-benefit corporations. Additionally, Kaiser Permanente is comprised of Permanente Medical Groups, a subsidiary of for-profit professional organizations.

Kaiser Permanente is an integrated carrier that provides members a full range of services. Some of the services offered by Kaiser Permanente include: preventive care, prenatal care, immunizations, emergency care, screening diagnostics, and pharmacy services.

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